Meet the Women of the Ron Paul Revolution

Posted on May 12, 2012 at 11.46 am

Thanks to Business Insider for profiling me and nine other ladies of the liberty movement in this new piece.  Young Americans for Liberty is all over this list!

As director of communications at Young Americans for Liberty, Kristian is a key figure in a burgeoning political cottage industry that some libertarian Republicans like to call the ‘Anti-Establishment establishment.” Her organization, which began as an offshoot of the 2008 Students for Ron Paul coalition, is now the largest Liberty Movement group on college campuses, and recently launched a PAC to endorse and fund like-minded candidates.

Although Kristian says she doesn’t like to talk about the movement in terms of gender politics, she has made the case for marketing libertarianism to women, noting Paul’s lagging of support with the female demographic.

“To the extent that we can generalize about female voters, yes, I do think that the libertarian wing of the GOP is more appealing than the more establishment, neoconservative Republican mainstream,” Kristian told Business Insider. “At the most basic level, I’d say that the liberty movement offers a consistency on fiscal issues, a freedom on social issues, and a restraint on foreign policy which is sadly lacking in establishment alternatives…I think that this new perspective of liberty is increasingly attractive to people of all demographics, certainly including women.”

Check out the rest of the profiles here!

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