Posted on September 10, 2013 at 1.21 pm

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➲ Commentary: “The Syria debate isn’t, really, a struggle between libertarians and neoconservatives, or left and right, or Democrats and Republicans. That’s not its shape. It looks more like a fight between the country and Washington, between the broad American public and Washington’s central governing assumptions.”

➲ The Onion nails it: “Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria”

➲ The devil is in the details. The Senate’s Syria resolution from last week included an interesting, highly incorrect, little clause: “Whereas the President has authority under the Constitution to use force in order to defend the national security interests of the United States …”

 Meanwhile, Students for Liberty’s Alexander McCobin sees a potential silver lining in this whole Syria thing, suggesting that “Obama may unwittingly lead us to a decade of peace.” It’s a nice idea, but old habits die hard — I can’t say I’m so optimistic (though I hope I’m proven wrong).

➲ In another bright perspective,The Guardian‘s Jeff Jarvis takes a sunny look at the whole NSA situation, suggesting that while the NSA may have won its recent battle against privacy, it’s losing the fight on secrecy. This one strikes me as more plausible.

➲ In news that at this point surprises no one, the NSA has admitted to even more privacy violations. Seriously, how are these guys still employed?

 ”[I]n our post-9/11 reality, we know now that evil exists, not in the form of E.T, but in the hearts of men.” — an interesting reflection on The X-Files in a post-9/11 world. (For those who don’t know, I slack off from co-running an X-Files blog.)

➲ What should we remember on September 11th? “We should learn the unmistakable lesson of the past 12 years: that trading liberty for more security is a false choice that leads us down a dark path.”

➲ And what should we forget? “We should not forget 9/11 for what it was: an act of violence by a select few against many innocent individuals.  What we should forget is the fear and hatred we allowed our government to build up within us, justifying their desire to commit a hundred times over the same type of act we claim to remember so well; an act of violence by a select few against many innocent individuals.”

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